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  • Adjustable Bed Cradle

    • The simple metal frame fits between the mattress and the bed base.
    • Ensures the bed clothes are kept free of the legs and feet.
    • Height adjustable.
    • The frame splits into two parts for easy transport and storage.
    • Fits use on both the end and side of the bed.
  • Armrest Bag


    Made out of heavy duty Oxford nylon, the Armrest Bag is strong and sturdy.  The bag has  the same 2 small pockets each side as well as one larger zipped pocket (each side) enabling the bag to be fitted to either armrest.  The smaller pockets are the perfect size for mobile phones and or keys etc.  Items can be place in either the outer pockets for ease of access or the inside pockets for added security.  The front of the bag holds a drink bottle holder which is lined to help keep drinks cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  It also has the added feature of an elastic strap with Velcro on the end allowing users with a paralysed arm to secure it on the armrest.

  • Easy Reacher


    Handy for picking up things when you are not allowed to bend.

  • Folding Cane


    The Liberty Elite 1 Folding Cane features a shock absorbing tip and Sure Grip Edge to provide you with more traction and stability.

  • Sale! hoist


    Original price was: $4,000.00.Current price is: $2,000.00.
    • Electric leg operation
    • Magnetic controller allows you to place controller anywhere on lifter
    • Four point yoke as standard
    • Multiple push positions on push handle
    • 150 kg weight capacity
    • Australian standards testing
    • Easy roll dual castors

    Please note, due to sanitary concerns, Slings are not included and only available for purchase.

  • Liberty Shoe Horn

    Long Handle Shoe Horn



    • Plastic molded shoehorn
    • The long handle gives excellent reach
    • Has a hanging loop attached to the handle
    • 60 cm in length
  • Male Urinal with Lid


    The Male Urinal has an integrated carry handle and anti spill lid, a useful feature not always included in portable male urinals.



    • Holds up to 1 L of liquid.
    • Opaque.



    • Anti-spill helps avoid unwanted accidents
    • Ideal for travel use on long car journeys
    • Re-usable
  • Mattress Protector

    DryLife® Cotton Terry Towelling Mattress and Pillow Protectors are 100% waterproof, providing an effective two-way hygiene barrier to body fluids, hair and skin cells, dust mites and bacteria. For an accommodation operator, a bed is an expensive but vital income-generating asset, but if you’re not protecting it from moisture, you could be shortening its life by years.

    Drylife® bedware Products have been independently assessed by Asthma New Zealand and accepted into their “Breathe Easy” Programme- Helping New Zealanders living with asthma.

    Please contact us to confirm availability and pricing.

  • overbed-table

    Over Bed Table


    • Height Adjustable
    • Four Lockable Swivel Castors
    • Steel Frame and wooden table top
    • Easy to assemble
    • U Shaped Base For Stability
    • Easy to clean
  • Peak Go Seat Shopping Cart with Bag


    The Peak Go Seat is ideal for outdoor use.

    Ergonomic design for comfortable use

    Removable stylish Nylon bag

    One touch button to convert handle to seated position

  • donut cushion

    Pressure Relief Ring Cushion with Memory Foam


    This donut shaped Pressure Relief Ring Cushion in Memory Foam reduces the pressure when sitting. It also helps to distribute weight evenly and makes it easier for the user to maintain the correct seated position. A washable cotton cover is provided as standard.



    • 40 cm overall diameter.
    • 7 cm height.
    • Comes in white.


    • Deep memory foam for optimum comfort.
    • Removable, washable cotton cover.
    • Ideal for use in the car or around the home.
    • Distributes weight evenly.
  • scooter bag

    Scooter Backpack


    Made out of heavy duty Oxford nylon, the Scooter Back Pack’s large 48 litre capacity means it can carry most if not all of the user’s grocery needs without squashing the bread.  Mounted under the scooter’s headrest keeps it securely fastened to the scooter, yet as simple to remove as removing the headrest.  Additional features include walking stick holder, side pocket, adjustable backrest straps, inside pockets, inside pull string and reflective strip on rear.

  • Scooter Console Cover


    The Console Cover has been carefully designed to protect the console of a large range of scooters from the strongest of downpours.  It is transparent allowing the scooter rider to maintain a visual with the display panel.  The material is also flexible enough that buttons can still be pushed and dials can still be turned if required.  If the scooter rider has limited hand movement and has trouble using the dials through the Console Cover, they can simply unhitch the velcro giving them full access to make adjustments and then simply replace it again.

  • Liberty Shoe Helper

    Shoe Helper


    Helps User Take Off and Put On Shoes
    Elongated Handle for Those Who Struggle to Bend Down
    Stands up for Easy Access
    Light Weight
    Simple and Stylish

    Product Specification
    Length 12.4cm
    Width 14cm
    Height 76cm
    Weight 0.18kg
    Material Aluminum & Nylon

  • Sling


    Safe Working load 250kg
    80 Degrees Wash
    Slings have serial number and bar codes for trace ability
    Offers full body contoured fabric shaping for maximum comfort
    Easy Clean!
    AU/NZ Standards tested

  • sock aid

    Sock Aid


    The easy way to pull on socks or stockings. Simply place the sock or stocking over the pliable Sock Aid, place the foot in and pull up the sock or stocking with the two cotton straps.



    • Weighs less than 70 g.