Depending on your needs, we have a range of different mobility aids:

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters share some features with powerchairs, but primarily address a different market segment, people with a limited ability to walk, but who might not otherwise consider themselves disabled. Smaller mobility scooters are typically three wheeled, with a base on which is mounted a basic seat at the rear, with a control tiller at the front. Larger scooters are frequently four-wheeled, with a much more substantial seat.


Manual Wheelchairs

A wheelchair is a chair with wheels, used when walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, problems related to old age, or disability. A wheelchair can either be a self-propelled one where the device is operated by the user’s hands to grip and spin the wheels moving the user around or an attendant-propelled type where the chair is maneuvered and controlled by a person standing at the rear and pushing on handles incorporated into the frame. Wheelchairs help with short term recovery or long term care for mobility.

Powered Wheelchairs

An electric-powered wheelchair, commonly called a “powerchair” is a wheelchair which additionally incorporates batteries and electric motors into the frame and that is controlled by either the user or an attendant, most commonly via a small joystick mounted on the armrest, or on the upper rear of the frame.

Power Assist Add-On

A power add-on reduces the effort required to propel a wheelchair. Users may achieve the maximum degree of independence and be able to gain more independent freedom on ramp into home, over thresholds, on carpet, on inclines and other obstacles with greater ease, and will be able to travel further with more endurance to function throughout the day at the level needed to maintain the active lifestyle.