Rental (General)

  1. Hirer should be fully responsible for the equipment (hired), owned by Liberty Healthcare NZ, until returned.
  2. If the hired equipment is not returned by the agreed time, hirer will be charged full hire price for each week the hire equipment is out of the Factory beyond the return date.
  3. Hirer should pay all current hire fees required prior to taking possession of the hire equipment. All hire equipment shall be returned in good, clean working order.  
  4. If any of the hire equipment is found to require repair due to misuse (accidental or deliberate), the equipment will be repaired by Liberty Healthcare at the cost of the hirer.
  5. Hirer should properly maintain and care for the hired equipment and return it in the same condition as received.
  6. In case of any repairs needed, hirer to pay the full repair cost.
  7. Any thefts of the hired equipment, while in the hands of the hirer must be reported to the police and/or local authorities.
  8. The full retail costs of the issued items, plus any cost incurred in attempting to collect lost or stolen hire items, or full repair cost in case of damage to any recovered LIBERTY HEALTHCARE equipment will be paid for by the hirer.
  9. Hirer should pay the full value of the listed hire items, plus any costs incurred in attempting to collect lost or stolen, misuse (accidental or deliberate), full repair cost or replacement cost of the listed equipment. 
  10. The hirer have examined the hired equipment and found it to be in good working order and condition. It has been explained, to hirer’s satisfaction, the function and proper use of each hire item that I have hired.
  11. Hirer, understand and agreed that neither LIBERTY HEALTHCARE, nor any of its respective employees, officers, agents, contract employees, or assigns, may be held liable or responsible in any way for any injury, death, or other damages to me or my family, heirs, or assigns that may occur as a result of my use or misuse of the listed hire equipment or as a result of the negligence of any party, including LIBERTY HEALTHCARE, whether passive or active.
  12. Hirer of the hired equipment, have read the above statements and have had all/any questions answered to my full satisfaction.

Terms of Rental – Hip and Knee Pack

  1. All Rental Equipment remains the property of Liberty Healthcare NZ.
  2. Rental term concludes when equipment is returned to us.
  3. All rental charges are payable at beginning of the rental period.
  4. The delivery charge covers one pickup and one collection only.
  5. If equipment is picked up from the office, you will need to return the equipment to the office. If you require your equipment to be collected, a fee will be charged.
  6. One week’s free rental is available only to clients who complete the outlined rental package. If equipment is returned early and a refund is requested, the equipment will be deemed to have been on weekly rental for the entire period. This will mean the loss of the free week.

Refund Policy

Long term rental packages are charged at a discounted rate. If equipment is returned before the end of the invoiced rental period, refunds will be calculated as the difference between the package price paid and the normal weekly rental price. The rental period will start the day the equipment was delivered to or collected by you.