Hip Pack Rental

From: $195.00/week

Build your own Hip pack by choosing the items you will need.

Rent is for 6 weeks and we can deliver before your surgery so you have everything you need on hand and just focus on healing after.

6 Weeks Rental period excludes delivery and collection charge.

Prices will vary depending on the number of items.

  • 5+ Items (plus reacher): $328.00
  • 4 Items (plus reacher): $287.00
  • 3 Items (plus reacher): $246.00
  • 2 Items (plus reacher) : $195.00
  • Upgrade Available: Add an Exercycle to any hip pack for $110

Bath Board - Rental

The Bath Board sits securely on top of the bath.  It has four (4) adjustable brackets to fit the width of most baths.

Over Toilet Frame - Rental

The over toilet frame can be mounted on top of a toilet. The legs are height adjustable with 8 different height settings in 2.5 cm steps so it would also suit a taller user. Recommended for people weighing up to 160 kg.

Bedside Commode - Rental

For those with limited mobility, the commodes may be placed in any room for convenience. When it is adjusted to the correct height, it will ensure sitting and standing is more comfortable when toileting.

Shower Stool - Rental

Shower stools are height adjustable to improve the users’ comfort while showering. Often required by those after hip and knee surgery or those with reduced mobility.

Orthopedic Chair - Rental

A height-adjustable chair with arms most commonly used after hip and knee surgery.
It ensures sitting and standing are safer when the hip is more elevated and more comfortable.

Raised Toilet Seat 50mm - Rental

Peak Toilet Seat Raiser 50mm with Lid and clips

Ergonomically designed for those who find standard toilets too low. Features attractive lift-up lid for privacy. Made from polypropylene. Height is 50mm (2 inches)

Peak Forearm Crutches - Rental

Light weight Aluminium Frame, plastic cuff, handgrip attached to frame by rivet, 3 inches for elbow height adjustment, locking anti-rattle device on both top and bottom sections, double safety leg adjustment buttons.

Underarm Crutches - Rental

  • High Quality Aluminium
  • Rubber Accessories
  • Height Adjustable
  • Height Increases by 1” Increments
  • Non- slip Tips

Weight Capacity: 130kg

Sizes Available
Small 140-158cm
Medium 158-178cm
Large 178-200cm

Gutter Crutches - Rental

Light-weight aluminum tube and handle

Foam padded steel forearm support, powder coated

Swivel adjustable handle with moulded easy to clean hand grip, secured with clamps and hand screws

Webbing straps, with velcro fastenings

Height adjustable with locking button

Non-slip grey rubber tips (22 mm)

114 kg User Weight Capacity

Bed Blocks - Rental

Pyramid shaped with rounded edges and corners.

Made from MDF with plywood top for durability and has a professional spray finish.

Standard set consists of 4 blocks.

Round hole 80mm diameter.

Smaller concave hole size available to suit chairs/beds with smaller legs or 50mm twin castors. Square hole 77mm x 77mm.

Bed Raiser Single - Rental

Slim design reduces tripping hazard. Bottom plate makes raiser very stable. Made from Plywood.

Non slip paint in the leg cavity. Professional lacquer finish.

Clean with household bleach or cleaner.

Exercycle Rental Add-on

To assist your joint mobility and rehabilitation, often used after hip or knee surgery.  Magnetic resistance for a smooth pedaling action.

Actual machine model may vary.

Clear dates

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5+ items$55.00 per week
4 items$47.00 per week
3 items$40.00 per week
2 items$32.00 per week

All rental equipment remains in the property of Liberty Healthcare.
Rental Terms concludes when equipment is returned to us.

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