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  • Combo Walker/Wheeler – Rental


    A walker that can be used as a transit chair. Good for travelers.

  • gutter crutch

    Gutter Crutches – Rental


    Light-weight aluminum tube and handle

    Foam padded steel forearm support, powder coated

    Swivel adjustable handle with moulded easy to clean hand grip, secured with clamps and hand screws

    Webbing straps, with velcro fastenings

    Height adjustable with locking button

    Non-slip grey rubber tips (22 mm)

    114 kg User Weight Capacity

  • knee scooter

    Knee Scooter – Rental


    Our knee scooters are light and can be fitted in the car. Can be used outside over footpaths and broken ground. Inside it moves easily about the house. A detachable carry bag enable you to carry what you need around with you as you live your life at home or work.

  • navigator gutter frame

    Navigator Gutter Frame Walker – Rental


    It is perfect for users that require the additional support of the forearm rests, either because of lack of wrist strength/support or rehabilitation purposes. Although very robust, it is still relatively lightweight at just 9.9kgs and offers a high degree of stability and ease of movement. The soft and comfortable arm supports and the brake handles are multi-adjustable in depth, angle and height.

    Can be upgraded to have rotating forearm supports.

    Liberty Navigator Brochure

  • peak forearm crutches

    Peak Forearm Crutches – Rental


    Light weight Aluminium Frame, plastic cuff, handgrip attached to frame by rivet, 3 inches for elbow height adjustment, locking anti-rattle device on both top and bottom sections, double safety leg adjustment buttons.

  • Platform Walker – Rental


    The Platform is narrow enough to pass through a standard 70 cm door opening, making it the perfect choice when working in confined spaces and to perform in every situation.

    Liberty Platform Walker Brochure

  • server-rolling-walker

    Server Rolling Walker – Rental


    Unique design
    The stylish Server rollator has a unique triangle profile ensuring a steady frame design. It is among the lightest and easiest to turn rollators on the market in the 150 kg user category.

    Server Rolling Walker Brochure


  • underarm crutches

    Underarm Crutches – Rental

    • High Quality Aluminium
    • Rubber Accessories
    • Height Adjustable
    • Height Increases by 1” Increments
    • Non- slip Tips

    Weight Capacity: 130kg

    Sizes Available
    Small 140-158cm
    Medium 158-178cm
    Large 178-200cm