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  • Adjustable Bed Cradle – Rental

    • The simple metal frame fits between the mattress and the bed base.
    • Ensures the bed clothes are kept free of the legs and feet.
    • Height adjustable.
    • The frame splits into two parts for easy transport and storage.
    • Fits use on both the end and side of the bed.
  • Adjustable Chair Platform – Rental


    The Adjustable Chair Platform is designed to suit most square shaped lounge chairs similar to the one pictured.

  • bath board

    Bath Board – Rental


    The Bath Board sits securely on top of the bath.  It has four (4) adjustable brackets to fit the width of most baths.

  • Bath Transfer Bench – Rental

    • Back support
    • Handle on one side for support
    • Suction cup feet to ensure firm grip on floor and bath
    • Height adjustable.
  • Bed blocks

    Bed Blocks – Rental


    Pyramid shaped with rounded edges and corners.

    Made from MDF with plywood top for durability and has a professional spray finish.

    Standard set consists of 4 blocks.

    Round hole 80mm diameter.

    Smaller concave hole size available to suit chairs/beds with smaller legs or 50mm twin castors. Square hole 77mm x 77mm.

  • Bed Lever Hoop Style – Rental


    Base slides between base and mattress.

    Completely flat bottom – no metal bottom plate that may damage furniture.

    Fits slat beds and divan beds.

    Made from 18mm plywood.

    Very strong and reusable.

  • Bed raisers

    Bed Raiser Single – Rental


    Slim design reduces tripping hazard. Bottom plate makes raiser very stable. Made from Plywood.

    Non slip paint in the leg cavity. Professional lacquer finish.

    Clean with household bleach or cleaner.

  • Bedside Commode – Rental


    For those with limited mobility, the commodes may be placed in any room for convenience. When it is adjusted to the correct height, it will ensure sitting and standing is more comfortable when toileting.

  • pediatric wheelchair

    Child’s Wheelchair – Rental


    Powder coated steel frame,6” front castors, 22” solid mag wheels, flip up arm rests, elevating foot rests, drop back handle.

  • Combo Walker/Wheeler – Rental


    A walker that can be used as a transit chair. Good for travelers.

  • Custom Ramps – Rental

    Walker and Wheelchair accessories. We have to visit your location and assess your needs to be able to provide a price.

    Please contact us to enquire.

  • Discovery Mobility Scooter – Rental


    Our best seller over the years the DISCOVERY is the model that suits the most riders, its large Terrain Tyres cover rough ground easily and it is a real hill-climber with its 800W motor and 45A batteries. Very popular for community grants applications also this model is priced for complete affordability.

  • Electric Hospital Bed Bundle – Rental

    Bundle consists of a fully electric bed with hand-held remote control and an over bed table.

  • hospital bed

    Electric Hospital Bed Rental


    Fully electric bed with hand-held remote control to raise or lower the height, backrest and knee. The bed is designed to be dismantled, so it can be easily installed in a room at your home.

    *Actual bed may vary depending on what’s available on rental

  • Exercycle – Rental


    To assist your joint mobility and rehabilitation, often used after hip or knee surgery. magnetic resistance for a smooth pedaling action.

  • Fabric Lift and Recline Chair – Rental


    A lift chair is similar to a regular recliner. Both types of chairs can be used to recline your position or to extend your feet using a footrest. A lift chair has an additional mechanism that will lift the chair into a standing position, helping the user easily transfer in and out of the chair itself.

    Colour depends on availability.

    Overall Height: 107 cm
    Overall Width: 80 cm
    Seat Depth: 55 cm
    Seat Width: 49 cm
    Seat Height:  47 cm
    Arm Rest Height:  57 cm
    Unit Weight: 60 kg
    Weight Capacity: 180 kg