Make it safer and easier for yourself

Recover with less discomfort and reduce risk of post operative dislocation or injury

Where will equipment assist?

  • Going to the Toilet
  • Sitting and Standing
  • Showering
  • Picking up items

What Equipment is available?

Over-Toilet Frame
Adjusted to the correct height, with handles, it ensures sitting and standing are more comfortable.
Shower Stool
Shower safely seated on a height adjustable waterproof stool to ensure correct pressure on your feet.

Complete with handles to aid with standing.
Orthopaedic Chair
Set to the correct height, it will ensure sitting and standing are safer
A long handled reacher with a hand grip will ensure that you can pick up items with minimal bending.

Other Equipment Available

To assist your joint and mobility rehabilitation. Magnetic resistance for a smooth pedalling action.
To remain independent while transferring meals or household items. The walker comes with seat or tray. Handle height is adjustable for comfort.

Other Equipment available:

  • Crutches
  • Bed Blocks
  • Chair/Sofa Raisers
  • Commodes
  • Bed Levers

Other medical equipment is available on request.

Ask about our HIP/KNEE Rental Package Service

This service includes set-up, instruction, delivery and collection (charges may apply). Equipment is hired out at a fixed cost which extends to a maximum period of 7 weeks.