heelchair positioned at height adjustable table

Electric Height Adjustable Desks and Height Adjustable Tables are a smart move for a multitude of applications. Varying table heights can create workspace flexibility. Worksafe NZ discusses how both sitting and standing have their own potential harm issues related to equipment and posture. It is recommended that we don’t stay in the same position for extended periods of time. Worksafe NZ suggests that adjustable equipment provides options for users to set up equipment to meet their needs. The uses for Height Adjustable tables aren’t just for desks, computers and gaming, the flexibility makes them ideal as hobby tables, for doing jig-saw puzzles, sewing tables or guest welcoming tables. The tables may be set at an ideal height to catch a visitors’ eye with brochures and sign-in books, and then adjusted for when supper is served.

Adjustment allows for versatility in user applications such as when using wheelchairs, while in bed, or in limited access situations. The table legs are distanced to allow for a wheelchair to comfortably fit within and are built with quality Linak motors. 

When your application calls for a desktop solution, Liberty recommends and supplies Integ Monitor Arms, posts, laptop trays and accessories. Our height adjustable desks and tables come standard with bamboo tops. The bamboo tops can be written on with whiteboard markers. Alternate table-top sizes and colours on request.

Liberty Height Adjustable Tables may help with healthy workplace solutions, a flexible worktop for hobbies, customer, or conference tables. Integ accessories may add further flexibility and versatility to a workspace.

Please call for further information about our tables, posts and walk up solutions. 

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